Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye (and Good Riddance) 2016

Here it is, the last day of 2016.  I won't lie, this year has been a suckfest.  It's been so long since I posted anything because I've started and stopped so many times, never really knowing what to say.  I still don't know what to say.  I couldn't bring myself to create a blog-land illusion of sunshine and light and yet, I didn't want to turn this space into a daily downward spiral of misery.  So, I'm taking the plunge... I need start moving past what has happened this year.  I need some semblance of a "new normal" that is positive, peaceful, and balanced.  Things are still unfolding and I'm sure there will be many more highs and lows, but I'm putting this out there with the anticipation it will break the writer's block I have imposed upon myself.     

The good... I am going to be okay.  I have great kids, a great family, and great friends.  While the future is a little uncertain right now, I AM going to be fine.  While the future isn't what I envisioned, I am going to make the best of it.  Moving forward, accomplishing goals, and doing what's best for me and my kids are things on the bucket list for 2017.

The bad... My husband and I have been together for 30 years.  While things have been a little sketchy for a while now, I had hoped, in my heart of hearts, that we could work our way back to each other.  Apparently, that is not going to happen.  He has found his soulmate and they are now very happy together.  No discretion, no apology, he has just walked away without looking back.  How nice for him.  How nice for them.  Ouch.

The ugly... I am left holding the bag with what's left of our combined lives in it.  This house?  Ugh.  He gave up on our life together long ago.  There are things needing to be done: decisions to be made, projects to be finished, things to be gone through, and financial matters to tend to.  I have often "joked" that I was unsure of whether to be insulted or relieved that he had such low standards.  My yard looks like an episode of Sanford and Sons.  The shed?  Good Lord.  I have no words.  My house is full of unfinished projects that need to be addressed.  I have been cleaning and repairing for the past four months, and yet I haven't even scratched the surface.  Baby steps.  All the decisions can be overwhelming, but it will all get done.  Or it won't.  Either way, the house will be sold within the next year and a half (hopefully hanging on until Bubba graduates from high school).

So, there it is.  Lots of changes and more to come.  That "new normal"?  Still a work in progress, but I will get there.  I am determined.           

Monday, September 5, 2016

A Little Update (August Wrap Up)

It's been a whirlwind of days since my last post.  August went by in a flash!  I am back to school... new principal, new classroom, all day kindergarten, with new kids!  When I last posted, I had a list of Poo2Do.  I was "somewhat" successful in meeting my goals.  I guess I should feel accomplished, in spite of not getting it all done!  Here's what's been making me spin...

1) Meet with a contractor and get some of the house stuff off my plate and onto the plate of someone who can actually complete the projects.  Goals: foyer, dining room ceiling, and bathroom.  Fingers crossed! Yay! Finally!  According to the contractor, the foyer and the bathroom are "easy".  The dining room ceiling? Not so much.  We are on his list of projects to get to before the holidays.  No rush... it's been like this for 20 years... a couple more months isn't going to kill me :) 

2) Upholster window seat - Sadly, not yet.

3) Paint the kitchen Walls are done!! Now I just need to get the Mister to fix the ceiling (Who am I kidding...but we all have to have dreams).

1) Frame (and hang!) finished cross stitch project - Who knew finding a 9x22 frame would be so hard??  Looks like I may have to have it framed at the local craft shop.  It'll be pricey, but worth it!

2) Do a "day-a-week" on my newly started 12 Days of Christmas sampler  I LOVE this project.  I have 4 sections done so far.  I have slacked a little since I went back to work, but I am very excited to be "regularly" cross stitching again.

1) Parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary (shopping, food prep, cake, and more!)  Had a great day with family and friends.  It was HOT, but my parents had a lovely time.  It was fabulous to get together with all my cousins and their many kids!

2) Get Girlie ready to move back to the dorm  She's there and loving it.  Just booked a weekend to be at the college for "Parents' Weekend".  Had a super time with her last year... looking forward to going back :)

1) Set up my classroom  CLEAN, it's CLEAN.  The art room has successfully been transformed into a kindergarten space.  It took a hazmat suit and a power washer (just kidding, maybe) to make it inhabitable.  I am thrilled with my new space and my kiddos are too :)

2) Organize science materials - No. Just no.  Again.

3) Shop for various back-to-school things that are needed  Done, but there's always more!

4) Finish organizing library center Oh, be still my OCD heart... It is lovely. 

5) Figure out the new schedule and set up planbook  Back into the swing of things... getting used to a completely different pace.

That's it... the good and the bad, the finished and unfinished.  When I get two minutes, I have some pictures I'd like to upload.  AND... I'd love to start blogging with more consistency.  The days fly by and there is so much to do at night. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Poo-2-Do (An August Bucket List)

I always start to panic at this point in the summer.  How can it already be the beginning of August??  I have many miles to go before I go back to work.  I feel like, while I have been productive and have made the most of my time off, there are still so many things that I need to accomplish.  Summer is my time to get "big things" done.  Those "big things" don't necessarily have to be time consuming or terribly significant, they are things that just get pushed to the back burner when my life is consumed by school.  So... I have 23 days until I go back, just a little over three weeks.  Let's get a plan!!

1) Meet with a contractor and get some of the house stuff off my plate and onto the plate of someone who can actually complete the projects.  Goals: foyer, dining room ceiling, and bathroom.  Fingers crossed!
2) Upholster window seat
3) Paint the kitchen

1) Frame (and hang!) finished cross stitch project
2) Do a "day-a-week" on my newly started 12 Days of Christmas sampler

1) Parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary (shopping, food prep, cake, and more!)
2) Get Girlie ready to move back to the dorm

1) Set up my classroom
2) Organize science materials
3) Shop for various back-to-school things that are needed
4) Finish organizing library center
5) Figure out the new schedule and set up planbook

I think that's it!  There are still appointments to be kept and plans with friends to work around, but there it all is in a nutshell.  23 days, huh?.... 
Ready? Set? Go....

Friday, July 29, 2016

Five On Friday

Hello, All!  Happy Friday (Again)!  I'm linking up with Amy for the last Five on Friday until September.  I guess that means I'm going to have to make a HUGE effort to post next month (maybe I should set some goals for August?!).  This link up motivates me... even if I don't post during the week, I try really hard to get one done for Friday.  We'll see what next month brings.  I may have actually have things to chat about.  Lots of plans in the works!  Here's my week in review...

1)  Finally spent the whole day at the beach with friends.  Ah... there's nothing better than hanging out, chatting, toes in the sand, watching the kids play in the water, and just soaking up the sun.  Beautifully lazy day with nowhere to be and nothing else to do be enjoy the moments.
Nothing cuter than babies at the beach :)
2)  I've been plugging along on my "quick" cross stitch project.  It really should be done by now, but it's getting there.  I'm making it for my "new" classroom (and really to give myself something to do as I wait for my kids through the seemingly endless doctor, dentist, and other miscellaneous appointments/activities we have throughout the summer.) 
Not much more to do
3)  I finished another book this week...
It was interesting, it held my attention, and I liked how all the various story lines entwined at the end of the book.  A friend also recommended another book by Kimberly McCreight... Reconstructing Amelia.  Looks like another visit to the library is in my future.

4)  Adulting... Ugh.  Every once in a while, I try to get my act together.  This week was packed with things I have been ignoring putting off for far too long.  Home refinancing, comparing insurance quotes, student loan options... Who made me in charge of all this???  One of the "biggies" this week... I bit the bullet and contacted a contractor to give us a quote on some renovation work I'd like to have done.  I am excited about just the possibility of getting a major project off the things-to-do list!

5) Logically, I KNOW that there is still time.  I really am trying to not stress out but the reality is.... summer is ending.  Not summer exactly, but the "vacation" aspect is mostly done.  I met with my new principal this week.  I went to work to introduce myself (and maybe get a glimpse of my room).  She's lovely, but my room?  I have an anxiety attack whenever I think about it.  It's not good.  I'm going in next week to start getting things sorted out... Wish me luck!!  Until then, I'm going to...
Keep Calm and Think about the Beach :)

 Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, July 22, 2016


Happy Friday... That was another QUICK week!!  I have just returned from Minnesota.  What a GREAT experience.  I don't talk about it often, but I love my union job.  I am the vice president of my teachers' union and, while it is certainly NOT all flowers and roses on a day to day basis, I am proud to be a union member and love the work that we do.  Going to the AFT Convention always makes me appreciate what unionism is and I leave feeling empowered, informed, and excited about where we are going as a union and as a profession.  So, here's my week in a quick review for Five On Friday...

1) Food, fabulous food.... We ALWAYS eat well when we go away.  The group I travel with loves to check out new places and new dining experiences.  Two places on the bucket list?  Hell's Kitchen and Matt's Bar.  Both highly recommended... opposite in ambiance and both totally delivered.  Matt's Bar was a hole-in-the-wall local diner with fabulous food (Wine served in a juice glass?  Yup, my kind of place!)  Other great places that we visited...  Britt's Pub (great place for lunch) and Murray's (La-di-da, but oh so good).  
Matt's Bar is home to the Juicy Lucy... Cheese-filled yumminess on a bun!
2) Sight seeing... we didn't do a whole lot this trip.  It really was a working "vacation".  I love walking around new places and soaking up the culture around me.  All cities have a different vibe.  Minnesota is a calm, quiet city to visit, much different from the frenetic pace back home.  These two funky creatures were a cool part of our landscape every day and are worth mentioning.
The Moose

And the Wolf
3) Mall of America...  OMG.  This mall is the Holy Grail of all things shopping.  Over 530 stores, 50 restaurants, AND an indoor amusements park (among other attractions), it is AMAZING.  There just wasn't enough time to see it all, or even a quarter of it... So, being the mature adults we are, my friend and I ditched the guys we were traveling with and went to the amusement park.  Such fun!!  I would go back to Minnesota for this reason alone.
Indoor roller coasters and a flume ride?  Yes, please!

Had to include this... Just one small part of the Lego display.  And yes, it is entirely made out of Lego's.
4) Ok, this is a biggy.  I really am a small town girl who grew up to be a teacher.  I work in a small state, in a small district.  I am definitely not in the world of "big players".  To even think that I would even be in the same room with someone truly distinguished or noteworthy is almost laughable.  BUT... It happened!  I feel privileged to have heard Hillary Clinton speak about her platform on education, health care, and social equity (among other things).  I really have no words to sum up the experience.  Appreciated?  Hopeful?  Optimistic?  I guess the best word would be reinvested.  I am looking forward to the debate season like never before.  It will be interesting, that's for sure.            
5) There is SO MUCH more I could share with you.  There were so many interesting speakers that just fascinated me.  We heard from senators, mayors, union bigwigs, international representatives, and every day people who have made unionism their lives.  I won't bore you with it though... I totally understand that politics are not for everyone!  So... here I am... 

Home Again, Home Again... I came home to new landscaping and big plans in the works for my house.  Yay, motivation!!  Despite the unrelenting heat, my hubby is making huge strides towards improving our home's curb appeal.
Looking better already!
It doesn't take much to make me happy... A great week has gone by, things are looking up around the homestead, and I am currently being treated to a fabulous display of lightening as a thunderstorm rolls through my area.  I'd like to make these summer days go by a bit slower... I'm not quite ready to get back to the real world.      

Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Away We Go

I am traveling for work this week.  Posting from my phone... Not sure how that's going to go! Anywho.  Other than a brief delay in starting out, we had an uneventful trip out to Minnesota.  
The weather is lovely and we've already had one fantastic meal.  We had to go... It called to us :) 

I started this little cutie on the plane.  Made the flight go by quickly!  

I'm sure today is going to be packed with things to do.  Spending most of the day here....
And then?  Who knows?  Looking forward to a busy day! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

That was fast...

How is it Friday again already???  Slow down, Summer... I'm not ready to break up yet!  I have been busy this week getting ready for a business trip that I leave for on Sunday.  It is a biannual convention that is being hosted in Minnesota this year.  I am traveling with work friends and we always have a great time.  Looking forward to that!  Looking back on this week, here are my Five On Friday...

1) I realized that I have been slacking on my reading.  Usually I read as much as I can in the summer but I have been so burned out from all that I did in the spring when I was working on National Board re-certification.  A friend was excited about a book she had just started so I went to the library and checked out A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams.   

Meh, it was "alright".   It didn't strain my brain any to read it, but I am a little disappointed that it wasn't better.  Anyone have any good reads they'd like to recommend??

2) I am on a mission to finish a cross stitch sampler that I have had for years.  I have been trying to squeeze in time every day to work on it and I am pleased to say it is almost done!!  I am already prepping for the next two projects on my to-do list (a quickie one to bring with me when I go away and another one that I am excited to start... more on that later!)
So close to being done :)
3) This week I managed to stay on track with walking.  I did at least 10,000 steps every day.  I'm not going to lie... some days were torture and I BARELY made my goal, but overall, it was a very successful week!  I have switched up my walking route and have a pretty good routine going (which will all fall apart while I'm away, but hopefully I'll pick right up where I left off when I come back).  I've mentioned before that I love walking in my neighborhood... it's just a nice place to be :)
Wish my yard was no nicely landscaped!
4) I am something "different".  So not me, but I figured I'd give it a go.  I have a long history of back issues and for whatever reason, my back has been bad since the beginning of this year.  Nothing has worked to improve the situation and I have been very frustrated.  I started acupuncture this week and I am "cautiously optimistic" that it is making a difference!  I don't really understand how sticking needles in my hands, arms, and ankles effects my back, but I'll take the relief the treatments are providing.  I would love to be pain free again... Not quite there yet, but I am hopeful!
Have you ever tried acupuncture?  Did it work for you?
5) Food, glorious food.  So walking was a great success.  Sticking to WW?  I may have had some issues with that.  But in my defense, how does one say no when at a party.  With cake.  And ice cream.  And maybe some wine.  *Sigh* I really am my own worst enemy.        
True story.
     Hope everyone had a wonderful week! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Little of This and That...

Happy Friday, Everyone!!  It's hard to believe the first week of July is already done and dusted.  This week has flown by!  After the crazy school year I had, I am now taking things slow.  I am even a little territorial about my time...I am not interested in being on the go or planning every second of my day to get the "most" out of summer vacation.  I am quite content poking around the house and tending to things that have been pushed to the back burner.  That doesn't mean I have become a recluse though!  My five things this week include...

1) Fourth of July fun with my family :)  Every year my aunt has a party on the Fourth where we basically just hang out, eat good food, laugh, drink, and enjoy being together.  The kids swim in the pool, run around, play games, and end the day with some Sparkler fun.  What a great way to celebrate summer!!
My nephew and cousin's little boy

My cousin's little girl and my niece showing her brother some love :)
2) I went to the movies TWICE this week!  I can't remember the last time a saw a movie at a theater... I'm not sure why because I love the cinema experience.  Tuesday night, I went with my Girlie to see Conjuring 2.  SO GOOD!  I love scary movies! It was a bonus to hang out with my girl :)
Scary goodness!
Last night, I went to see Central Intelligence with some work friends.  We were a little hesitant because it didn't get glowing reviews, but we all thought it was funny and had a great time.  It didn't hurt that Dwayne Johnson is very nice to look at :)
3)  I love the beach and I am always sad at the end of the summer when I realize I haven't made the time to go soak up the sun and relax by the ocean.  This summer will be no different because the reality is that my skin only does two colors... white and red.  "Tan" barely happens and brown... nope.  Instead of days by the ocean and cycles of burning and peeling, I have been stealing a few moments here and there to chill at our local beach.  I'll grab lunch and go down for an hour or so just to enjoy the view, smell the salty air, and listen to the waves lightly crash on the shoreline.    
Just love that view
4) School work is never far from my mind.  I am currently obsessing over book bins for my classroom.  I NEED a minimum of thirty-six to get my library center organized.  I have thirty-one bins so far and have been going store to store anxiously searching for five more.  It's very frustrating!!  I have even looked on line to order them, but no go.  I can't wait to finish the project... It is making my heart happy to think about how very zen my new room is going to be!!  (We must never tell my husband how much money I spend on all this silliness!)   
Can't wait to finish this project!!
5) I have completely fallen off the dieting wagon.  TRYING hard to reign myself back in.  The struggle is real.  I am setting new goals (let's be honest...they are not "new" goals.  I should say I am pushing "reset" and doing what I know works for me).  I am committing to tracking those points through Weight Watchers every day and MOVING.  10,000 steps a day, no excuses!      
Yup.  Sadly, I've been there.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Enjoy!!

Monday, June 20, 2016


Love this... From one of my students :)
 A toast to happy endings and new beginnings!  The school year has come to an end, my classroom is all packed up and SUMMER is in sight.  The end of this year was a little more crazy than years past.  We have had a whole bunch of movement in our district with the LONG anticipated arrival of Full Day Kindergarten.  It's about time my district got on board!  I am beyond excited going into the new year but...

I did something stupid.  I volunteered to move my room.  We are adding two new kindergarten positions and there is not enough room to accommodate the classrooms in the wing of the building that currently houses our k classrooms.  On the spur of the moment and for a variety of reasons, I thought moving sounded like a good idea.  Holy Moly Batman, do I have a ton of stuff!  It's all been bagged, tagged, and boxed.  Ready to move into my new room, formerly known as the art room... which is absolutely one of the dirtiest places on the planet.  Good Lord, there's a lot to be done in there to make it inhabitable.  I am trying to be very zen about it all.  The walls need to be repainted (trying to get a plan together for that), the closet needs to be emptied of all things art, and the floors need to be stripped and waxed.  After all that, every surface of every closet, cabinet, and drawer (inside and out!) needs to be cleaned before anything can be put away.  My stuff is either in the hall outside my new room, or still being stored in my old room.  I have the rest of this week and then a week before the kiddos start in the fall to pull it all together.  Some say miracles can happen... We'll see!  

Goodbye old classroom, with its nice walls and lovely bright windows...
 Hello new room... we have miles to go, but we'll get there!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hello from the Other Side...

I made it... linking up with Love Made My Home.  Happy Days!  I am DONE (or mostly done!).  These last few weeks have been horribly stressful and I am still crashing.  I think I have to focus on the positives... because I still have miles to go.  Here's the latest and greatest since my last post...

1) My Evaluation?  DONE.  I am still waiting on the final results, but my pieces are all entered, uploaded, and complete.  I am SURE the rest is just formality.  I can check that off the list.

2) End of the year paperwork?  Well... still a work in progress.  I am hoping for GREAT things this weekend.  Time.  I just need time.

3) National Board?  DONE and SUBMITTED.  YAY!! I won't hear whether I passed or not until the end of the year (which seems like an eternity!), but I have packed it all away now and will find a way to put it out of my mind until after Thanksgiving.  The relief that it is done is indescribable!

4) My Cousin?  Apparently, a person can have brain surgery and walk out of the hospital less than four days later to recover at home.  She is my hero... sheer will and determination are pulling that girl through.  A week after her surgery, she went to her daughter's kindergarten performance because she "had to be there".  Her kids are her world and she will let nothing stop her from doing what she needs to do to be there for them.  She has healing to do, but she is okay and getting stronger each day.  Sending thankful thoughts out into the universe :)
5) Me?  Crazy.  Still.  I went to yoga this week.  For the first time in a month.  Oh, how I needed it.  There is zen at the end of this wild ride... I can feel it.  Just a little. bit. longer.  Miles to go until I get there, but summer vacation is there, within reach.
Have a wonderful weekend! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fraying Around the Edges

I am frayed... or fraying.  Past tense would be great, but I think it's still happening, so fraying it is.  Have you ever felt like you're unraveling?  That's where I am.  I don't even have the words to truly sum up how scattered I am.  I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel but I've said it before... I hope that light is not a train.  I need a serious break, before I break.  Let me count the stress....

1) I have tons to do to wrap up my evaluation at work.  The paperwork is crazy.  This concept of "teacher accountability" being shown through Student Learning Objectives, rubrics, data collection, observations, formal lesson plans, etc. is crap.  I am way too OCD for this and I'm making myself nuts. 

But... it's all due Friday, May 13th.

2) The end of the school year is coming, which means more paperwork.  Class ranking sheet to place kids for next year, placement cards to complete, portfolios to sort through, final report cards, etc.  We don't end until June, but the deadlines are starting to pop up. 

First item due?  Friday, May 13th.

3) National Board Certification... this is a biggie.  I am close, yet so far.  Working through the last piece, which is a reflection.  All totaled, there are 7 sections.  Four are "done" and two still need to be edited.  Then there are miscellaneous components to complete.  Attestations forms, classroom layout drawings, evidence samples, and then the formatting to submit it all.  In addition to the work, the learning curve for some of the technology requirements has been huge.  I am tired and frayed is quickly becoming fried.

My goal?  It's due May 18th.  I am working to get it all together for Friday... May 13th. 

Why not?  That sounds like a great date!

4) Another biggie.  And the most important.  My family is in crisis.  My cousin has to have surgery on Tuesday.  Brain surgery.  The procedure will last for a minimum of 4 hours.  We are all trying to look at the positives.  This should alleviate her headaches, exhaustion, and the wide variety of symptoms she has had for a very long time.  But... the what "could" happen?  The possible wait-and-see negatives?  Scary stuff.  Send prayers. 

Four little nut shells.  That's the summation.  There are other (and many) satellite stressors floating around, ready to zap at me, but I am trying to ignore them or deal with them in small bits.  I want my "regular" life back.  Just keep swimming!

May 10th will be the fist hurdle of the upcoming week.  Once my cousin is on the other side of this and things start to go as planned with her, the rest is all the icing on the cake. 

May 13th is going to be a big deal around here... I see wine and a fancy restaurant in my future.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Blog Help!

Hello there!  You!  Yes, You!

Since you are popping by...  Would you mind helping me out with a couple of questions?  Here's the issue... When I comment on other blogs, I often (but not always) get a "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" email.  I have googled the issue and it looks easy to fix, but when I try to follow the steps to "fix" the problem, I can't seem to figure it out. 

Here's what I've done so far.  I thought it was an issue with my Yahoo account being linked to this blog, so I created a gmail account and now the gmail address shows in the top right corner of my dashboard.  I can't find the Yahoo account embedded anywhere else in the settings, so that's the only change I've made.  I tried to comment again on a blog and I got another notification, again through Yahoo, so that address must be buried there somewhere.

So... two questions...

1.  Does failure to deliver mean that my comment isn't going through at all?  Or, does it mean the receiver is just not getting an email saying there is a comment waiting for them to view? (I seem to get the message when a blog's owner is moderating comments before allowing them to post)

2.  Is there an easy fix to this?  If so...could you steer me in the right direction?  I am obviously not tech savvy!

Thanks so much for any help :)       

Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Snow Day!

Linking up with with Amy, over at Love Made My Home.  Today's post made possible by.... A Snow Day!

1.  A break, today is a break!  I have not been productive, but here's hoping at some point today, I will not have wasted this opportunity!  I LOVE me a snow day.  I don't care that we have to "make it up".  I don't care that TODAY is theoretically the first day of "summer vacation".  I don't care that I am "stuck" at home (That is actually fabulous!).  There is joy in my heart, it is afternoon, and I am still in my jammies :)

2.  These past weeks have been stressful.  One by one, big things are getting done though.  This week, I was observed by my principal for my evaluation and I have been a wreck!  I love my principal, but I have never been "formally" observed by him and wasn't sure what to expect.  When the process is completed, there is an email notification saying the evaluation has been submitted (everything is done electronically!)  I didn't open it for 2 days.  I couldn't face it.  I finally looked yesterday and was SO relieved. I got a fantastic review and feel like (some of ) the weight of the world is off my shoulders. 
3.  More good news... My Girlie made Dean's List her first semester of college!  I am a very proud momma.  Now if we could just get the concepts of fiscal responsibility down.....
4.  Yoga update... I LOVE the yoga class I am doing now!  The first two classes we took were "forrest yoga" (apparently there are different styles?  Yes, of course.  I just didn't really think too deeply into this whole thing).  I enjoyed the first class, but the second class? No.  Probably had something to do with the teacher, he was a bit jerky.  So, we signed up for "Power Yoga", figuring if we embarrassed ourselves too terribly, we wouldn't go back. Great instructor, heated room, challenging but not overwhelming, followed by dinner out with my friend = A Fabulous Time :)  It is a welcomed break in the middle of the week.
5.  Weight loss update.... Slowly, but steadily I am moving down the scale once more.  I lost about 9lbs in January.  Looking to lose another 9 or so.  It's not easy, but it IS doable.  Would like to commit to using the dreadmill again, but I just haven't found it within myself to make it happen.  It's there, looming, trying to lure me in.  Soon.  "Soon".   
  Happy Friday, Everyone!  Have a GREAT weekend!