Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Snow Day!

Linking up with with Amy, over at Love Made My Home.  Today's post made possible by.... A Snow Day!

1.  A break, today is a break!  I have not been productive, but here's hoping at some point today, I will not have wasted this opportunity!  I LOVE me a snow day.  I don't care that we have to "make it up".  I don't care that TODAY is theoretically the first day of "summer vacation".  I don't care that I am "stuck" at home (That is actually fabulous!).  There is joy in my heart, it is afternoon, and I am still in my jammies :)

2.  These past weeks have been stressful.  One by one, big things are getting done though.  This week, I was observed by my principal for my evaluation and I have been a wreck!  I love my principal, but I have never been "formally" observed by him and wasn't sure what to expect.  When the process is completed, there is an email notification saying the evaluation has been submitted (everything is done electronically!)  I didn't open it for 2 days.  I couldn't face it.  I finally looked yesterday and was SO relieved. I got a fantastic review and feel like (some of ) the weight of the world is off my shoulders. 
3.  More good news... My Girlie made Dean's List her first semester of college!  I am a very proud momma.  Now if we could just get the concepts of fiscal responsibility down.....
4.  Yoga update... I LOVE the yoga class I am doing now!  The first two classes we took were "forrest yoga" (apparently there are different styles?  Yes, of course.  I just didn't really think too deeply into this whole thing).  I enjoyed the first class, but the second class? No.  Probably had something to do with the teacher, he was a bit jerky.  So, we signed up for "Power Yoga", figuring if we embarrassed ourselves too terribly, we wouldn't go back. Great instructor, heated room, challenging but not overwhelming, followed by dinner out with my friend = A Fabulous Time :)  It is a welcomed break in the middle of the week.
5.  Weight loss update.... Slowly, but steadily I am moving down the scale once more.  I lost about 9lbs in January.  Looking to lose another 9 or so.  It's not easy, but it IS doable.  Would like to commit to using the dreadmill again, but I just haven't found it within myself to make it happen.  It's there, looming, trying to lure me in.  Soon.  "Soon".   
  Happy Friday, Everyone!  Have a GREAT weekend!