Monday, June 30, 2014

Yeah. Not today.

Ugh.  That's how I'll start.  I don't know if what is going on with me is mental or truly physical.  I have been doing C25K for a few weeks now and I am slowly coming to believe that, with perseverance, it IS possible to get to the end goal.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday, I THINK I felt a twinge in my ankle.  A twinge that freaked me out because I don't want to end up back here.....
Ironically, I am in exactly the same place (Week 3, Day 1) as I was approximately a year ago.  I have been telling myself that.... NO, I am fine.  It's not at all like it was then, when I didn't realize what had happened and that all I was doing was making it worse by trying to work through the pain.  But that little twinge from yesterday?  It has me backing WAY off.  A little tiny bit of running today and then I just walked the rest of the loop.  I am frustrated because while I want to push it, I don't want to be stupid about this.  I am leaving for Los Angeles next week and I refuse to be back in that boot for my "vacation".  It is not happening!  

So, panic? Paranoia? Over reaction?  I hope I am just being ridiculous.  I really want this to happen.  I like the feeling of accomplishment and I would like to think this is making me stronger, that last year was just a fluke.  I am thinking I may need to talk to someone with more knowledge... it can't be that I am "overdoing it", yet I am obviously doing something "wrong".  I have been sensible about my pacing (taking it slow), have the right gear as far as shoes are concerned, and have been taking the recommended day off in between runs to allow for recovery.  Medically, everything is in the clear (bone density, over all health, etc.).  Taking a break over the next week.  I'll probably continue walking and/or try swimming.  Definitely need a plan for when I come back from the conference I am attending though.  Again, Ugh.     

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

True story.
       Well, it's been a week ALREADY!  I am happy to say I have lost 3 pounds.  I guess that's good (I know it is,'s like losing a deck chair off the Queen Mary).  I have been doing C25K every other day and I don't hate it.  I can't say I'm exactly loving it, but for now, it's doable.  Tomorrow, I will finish Week 2, Day 3.  I am not thinking about the weeks to come... one day at a time, one day at a time.
       I'm trying to be realistic about my approach.  I have been watching what I eat and drinking gallons of water.  It's hard to stay on track with cookouts and sometimes eating out, but in some ways it's easier being home.  I make better choices.  Instead of throwing "whatever" into my lunch bag and then finding other things to eat at work (candy, chips, crackers, etc), I am making healthier choices about breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  So, that's it for now.  Hoping for another good week ahead! :)  

Saturday, June 21, 2014



       Vacation is FINALLY here.  It's been a really long school year and I desperately need to recharge my batteries.  I have "big plans" for this summer, and no plans at all.  I'd like to pull my life back from the fringes and start to feel a little more centered.  Yesterday, I set some goals for myself and I am going to "try" to stay true to them. 

       As always, I NEED to lose some weight.  It is easier in summer.  I love the heat.  I love being outside when it's hot. So, I gave myself a pep talk, weighed in, set a target, and strapped on my running shoes.  C25K, here we go again!  I am forcing myself to do this at a reasonable pace.  I am taking a day off in between days, even though today killed me.  I don't want this experience to end like the last time!  I also sat down and thought about what "things" I would like to see happen over the next couple of months.  I definitely need to keep busy.  It is the key to my sanity.  While I acknowledge that I need some down time, a LONG stretch of time with no goals, with nothing to do but wallow, is not a good plan.  So... here are "a few" ideas that have been rattling around in my head...

Summer Bucket List:
1) C25K
2) Los Angeles Trip
3) Get a Tattoo
4) Organize my school world (especially in the area of Science!)
5) Take advantage of some tech training through work
6) Beach Time
7) Get some scrapbooking done
8) Get some cross stitching done
9) Hang with friends and family
10) Get some house "stuff" done
11) Read
12) Fix the template of this Blog! (Ugh!)
13) Blog at least once a week

That's quite a list for a not-so-long time period!  I MAY not get to all of it, but I'm okay with that too.  The first three are what I am really looking forward to... whatever happens after that is all a bonus :)