Monday, September 5, 2016

A Little Update (August Wrap Up)

It's been a whirlwind of days since my last post.  August went by in a flash!  I am back to school... new principal, new classroom, all day kindergarten, with new kids!  When I last posted, I had a list of Poo2Do.  I was "somewhat" successful in meeting my goals.  I guess I should feel accomplished, in spite of not getting it all done!  Here's what's been making me spin...

1) Meet with a contractor and get some of the house stuff off my plate and onto the plate of someone who can actually complete the projects.  Goals: foyer, dining room ceiling, and bathroom.  Fingers crossed! Yay! Finally!  According to the contractor, the foyer and the bathroom are "easy".  The dining room ceiling? Not so much.  We are on his list of projects to get to before the holidays.  No rush... it's been like this for 20 years... a couple more months isn't going to kill me :) 

2) Upholster window seat - Sadly, not yet.

3) Paint the kitchen Walls are done!! Now I just need to get the Mister to fix the ceiling (Who am I kidding...but we all have to have dreams).

1) Frame (and hang!) finished cross stitch project - Who knew finding a 9x22 frame would be so hard??  Looks like I may have to have it framed at the local craft shop.  It'll be pricey, but worth it!

2) Do a "day-a-week" on my newly started 12 Days of Christmas sampler  I LOVE this project.  I have 4 sections done so far.  I have slacked a little since I went back to work, but I am very excited to be "regularly" cross stitching again.

1) Parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary (shopping, food prep, cake, and more!)  Had a great day with family and friends.  It was HOT, but my parents had a lovely time.  It was fabulous to get together with all my cousins and their many kids!

2) Get Girlie ready to move back to the dorm  She's there and loving it.  Just booked a weekend to be at the college for "Parents' Weekend".  Had a super time with her last year... looking forward to going back :)

1) Set up my classroom  CLEAN, it's CLEAN.  The art room has successfully been transformed into a kindergarten space.  It took a hazmat suit and a power washer (just kidding, maybe) to make it inhabitable.  I am thrilled with my new space and my kiddos are too :)

2) Organize science materials - No. Just no.  Again.

3) Shop for various back-to-school things that are needed  Done, but there's always more!

4) Finish organizing library center Oh, be still my OCD heart... It is lovely. 

5) Figure out the new schedule and set up planbook  Back into the swing of things... getting used to a completely different pace.

That's it... the good and the bad, the finished and unfinished.  When I get two minutes, I have some pictures I'd like to upload.  AND... I'd love to start blogging with more consistency.  The days fly by and there is so much to do at night.