50 By 50

I find that I have been getting more introspective as I get older time passes.  What do I want to do?  Where do I want to be in a year... 3 years… 5 years?  As I’ve surfed the web, I’ve seen quite a few posts that have caught my eye regarding goal setting.  Since I seem to have Blogger ADD (oh, I should do that, and that, and what about this...), I put together a “50 by 50” bucket list (gulp…that number is fast approaching!).  I love having a goal (or, in this case, many goals), something tangible to work towards, but I’m not always great at following through.  This past summer, I created a bucket list.  It wasn’t lofty, but it became a self-reminder of where I wanted to be by the end of the summer.  It was fun, it helped me focus, and it gave me something to do (not that I ever having NOTHING to do!!)

So, here it is….  My “50 by 50” Bucket List (to be completed by November 2018)
  1. Create (and use!) a “Thought of the Day” Journal
  2. Take a Photography class
  3. Finish Girlie’s School Days scrapbook
  4. Finish Bubba’s School Days scrapbook
  5. Take a vacation
  6. Walk/Jog/Run a 5K
  7. Finish my home office
  8. Pay off my/our debt
  9. Lose another 10 pounds and keep it off - Reached "Goal Weight" 2/2015
  10. Go on a picnic
  11. Finish a cross stitch sampler - 7/2016
  12. Redo the carpeting in Girlie and Bubba’s rooms - 6/26/15 and 7/21/15 - FINALLY
  13. Do at least one good deed each month
  14. Organize our closets
  15. Get a massage
  16. Get a pedicure - 4/21/15
  17. Remodel the front foyer
  18. Do “A Photo a Day”
  19. Make a Brooch Bouquet (for my cousin’s wedding) - 7/25/15
  20. National Board Recertification
  21. Do a Color Run
  22. SEND cards (birthday, sympathy, anniversary, etc.)
  23. Downsize – get rid of “stuff” that we don’t need/use
  24. Take a day trip someplace new
  25. Go camping in a tent
  26. Experience a sunrise
  27. Go on a retreat
  28. Go to the movies alone
  29. Update my address book - June 2016
  30. Laugh more, be happy
  31. Travel
  32. Make exercise a regular habit
  33. Donate blood regularly
  34. Volunteer
  35. Go caving
  36. Look for the positive
  37. Get a retirement plan
  38. Keep blogging
  39. Take a Yoga class - Jan 2016
  40. Join a Book Club
  41. Read 5 books off a best seller list each year - 2015,
  42. Get a makeover
  43. Tour a vineyard
  44. Take a great picture, print it, frame it and hang it on the wall
  45. Go to the Big E
  46. Have a jammie day
  47. Only drink water for a week
  48. Do a 30 Day challenge
  49. Organize my recipe box
  50. Complete this list!!

Hmmm…. it’s a little overwhelming to look at, but I’m going to give it a try.