Saturday, August 16, 2014

This Week

       Holy Moly!  What a quick week!  I haven't been feeling very accomplished lately, but when I sat down to write "something" tonight.... and figure out Where In The World Did This Week GO??.... I should probably cut myself some slack.  This week was busy with end of the summer/back to school stuff.
       Girlie is entering her Senior Year and hasn't been all that wild about figuring out what she would like to do after high school.  She wants to go to college, but isn't really ready to face it.  Well, this week we began the process of figuring out the "where".  After visiting three colleges out of state, and what feels like a million miles in the car, she has one in-state and two out of state colleges in mind.  All three are winners for me, but there is still a mountain of paperwork and the question of how to pay for it all.  If you haven't had a reason to pay attention to the cost of a college education, all I can say is WOW!  The sticker shock is UNBELIEVABLE.  I'm going to think about all that "later".
       I started setting up my classroom (where did the summer go??).  Thursday and Friday I went to work to begin the process.  The first couple days in the building are always spent catching up with friends, unpacking storage areas, and trying to wrap my head around the fact that it's actually time to begin again.   I have tons of things to do at home (labels, packets, planning), so I probably won't make another trek in until Wednesday.  We'll see.  Once I get back into the groove of things, it's hard to stay away!  Next Friday is kindergarten orientation... ready or not, here they come!
       On the home front, I tore out another carpet!  Bubba's room is now carpet free and it is such an improvement!  Oh, the floor underneath leaves much to be desired, but that funky odor that was hanging around (boy funk, cat funk, carpet cleaner smell) is gone.  Hooray!  I did have a moment of anxiety over the fact that we don't have a plan to have it replaced for a while, but it needed to be done.  Again, I'm just pushing everything off and believing that this will all somehow work out.
       I guess those are the major highlights.  I also managed to attend three meetings, bag up and deliver items for donation, do some back to school shopping, go to an anniversary party, hang out with friends, get my hair cut, and take Girlie to volleyball practice and work (because, ya' know, the whole truck thing....which is working itself out, too.  It's not totaled.  I'm glad about that. Right?).

Accomplished?  Unaccomplished?
  Nothing feels "finished", but lots of little things have been checked off the ever growing list of "poo2do".  
So, I guess it depends on how you look at it :)   


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tough Love

        It's never dull around here.  Bubba is away for a week camping; this is his first "away" trip...ever.  He is 14 and likes to stick close to home.  He has a close friend and they have done many sleep overs (here and there), but this is with a different friend.  A friend I don't even really know.  He called me last night, just to say goodnight.  As I was having a little "awww" moment, I realized that we/I am definitely transitioning into the next phase in a life with children....they are moving apart, breaking away, and beginning to find their own way.  It makes me a *little* sad, but I know it's what is next and it's not always going to be easy.

So, there I was, having a peaceful moment, feeling a twinge of bittersweet...

       And then the text came.  My husband was at the local park with my daughter.  Her truck is most likely totaled and they were waiting for a flat bed to take it away.  My first response was... Is she okay?  After the "yes" came the.... "I'm gonna kill her."  This is the second time THIS MONTH that she has done significant damage to her truck.  The first time cost me 1,000.00, with the agreement that she will be paying it back.  We have tried to instill good values, an appreciation for what has been freely given and the understanding that a vehicle is not a TOY.  Obviously, we have failed.

     Grrrr....Totaled means no truck.  Totaled means I AM NOT replacing it.  Totaled means....hey, it sucks to be you and you need to figure out the when and how YOU are going to get a new one.  Totaled means that my husband and I are going to need to stand together (something he will struggle with because Girlie is his princess and princesses should never be sad).

       I'm not really sure what to hope for... totaled does mean no truck, however then I play taxi service (when I can...I do have somewhat of a life) and have to deal with teenage angst.  Not totaled means another repair bill... on top of the first repair bill and the bill we had to pay last week when my husband's truck broke down.  I guess we'll have to wait and see what the repair shop says.  Good times, good times.

Seriously now, is boring too much to ask for?

Saturday, August 2, 2014


       Alright, I'm in a slump.  So, I thought I would reassess and do a little check in to see how I am progressing with my "poo2do" list.  Not bad so far!! 

Summer Bucket List:
1) C25K - on hold :(
2) Los Angeles Trip - It was Great!
3) Get a Tattoo **YAY**
4) Organize my school world (especially in the area of Science!)
5) Take advantage of some tech training through work
6) Beach Time - Some, but not enough!
7) Get some scrapbooking done - My niece's baby book is done! She's 8.  Don't judge me :)
8) Get some cross stitching done
9) Hang with friends and family - Never enough of this!
10) Get some house "stuff" done - Hmmm...what else can I get into around here?
11) Read - Yay! 
12) Fix the template of this Blog! (Ugh!) - while still a work in progress, the template is "better".
13) Blog at least once a week - A work in progress.

There are some things that just aren't going to happen (#5 - tech training); it just wasn't meant to be.  Other things have worked their way on to the list.  Things I had either forgotten about or have just come up.  I think this sums up where I am right now...

       Looking back (and ahead!), I need to get moving on some of the goals I have set for myself!  I have things that MUST get done, but I don't want to do them (ignoring them hasn't made them go away).  Organizing my school world is clawing its way to the top of the list.  A plan!  I need a plan!  I only have a couple more weeks until I go back to work... Yikes!!  Time goes by so fast!!