Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday Mani... My first of Many :)

Okay, I lied. Again.  I got caught up in a Flat Stanley project last night and I forgot to post.  Is it bad to post a "Monday Mani" on Tuesday?  If so, I'm sorry... but it's going to happen anyway.

I am obsessed with nail polish.  I LOVE it!  I love the colors, the different types, what can be done with it....I could go on and on.  My kids at school love that I do my nails every week.  They have had their favorites over the course of this year and it always makes me smile when one of my little cherubs comes in sporting a manicure that I have done.  Sunday is nail day in my world.  Sometimes I make up my own designs, but I often get inspiration from pinterest or one of the many bloggers that I follow.  This week's manicure is very "Spring-y".  The warmer weather has been slow to arrive here and I am tired of all the dark colors of winter.  If you are interested...  Gumdrop and Lemonade are both ORLY colors.  All topped off with Seche Vite (of course).  

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh, Well...

     When I started this blog, I had "big plans".  I was going to write - all the time.  Well, it's April and obviously, that hasn't happened.  This school year has been a biotch.  No lie - Can't wait for it to be over.  As I have *thought* about posting, it has caused me stress.  The name "Mixed Bag of Crazy" came from a grandiose idea that I would post frequently about MANY things.  I am more than a teacher, though that is the center of my world.  I want to express myself through this blog and put myself out there as a person who is more.  More than a teacher, more than a mom, more than that hamster on a wheel who runs constantly and doesn't get ahead.  So, I guess it will be baby steps. 
     If you are here for the teacher in me, I will try to do some of that as well.  (We have exciting things happening in kindergarten!)  However, bear with me...and hopefully enjoy the other parts of me that I have to share.  "School posts" will happen....but probably not until the end of June (when I can enjoy thinking about school again!).
     Stay tuned...I WILL be back tomorrow :)