Friday, July 15, 2016

That was fast...

How is it Friday again already???  Slow down, Summer... I'm not ready to break up yet!  I have been busy this week getting ready for a business trip that I leave for on Sunday.  It is a biannual convention that is being hosted in Minnesota this year.  I am traveling with work friends and we always have a great time.  Looking forward to that!  Looking back on this week, here are my Five On Friday...

1) I realized that I have been slacking on my reading.  Usually I read as much as I can in the summer but I have been so burned out from all that I did in the spring when I was working on National Board re-certification.  A friend was excited about a book she had just started so I went to the library and checked out A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams.   

Meh, it was "alright".   It didn't strain my brain any to read it, but I am a little disappointed that it wasn't better.  Anyone have any good reads they'd like to recommend??

2) I am on a mission to finish a cross stitch sampler that I have had for years.  I have been trying to squeeze in time every day to work on it and I am pleased to say it is almost done!!  I am already prepping for the next two projects on my to-do list (a quickie one to bring with me when I go away and another one that I am excited to start... more on that later!)
So close to being done :)
3) This week I managed to stay on track with walking.  I did at least 10,000 steps every day.  I'm not going to lie... some days were torture and I BARELY made my goal, but overall, it was a very successful week!  I have switched up my walking route and have a pretty good routine going (which will all fall apart while I'm away, but hopefully I'll pick right up where I left off when I come back).  I've mentioned before that I love walking in my neighborhood... it's just a nice place to be :)
Wish my yard was no nicely landscaped!
4) I am something "different".  So not me, but I figured I'd give it a go.  I have a long history of back issues and for whatever reason, my back has been bad since the beginning of this year.  Nothing has worked to improve the situation and I have been very frustrated.  I started acupuncture this week and I am "cautiously optimistic" that it is making a difference!  I don't really understand how sticking needles in my hands, arms, and ankles effects my back, but I'll take the relief the treatments are providing.  I would love to be pain free again... Not quite there yet, but I am hopeful!
Have you ever tried acupuncture?  Did it work for you?
5) Food, glorious food.  So walking was a great success.  Sticking to WW?  I may have had some issues with that.  But in my defense, how does one say no when at a party.  With cake.  And ice cream.  And maybe some wine.  *Sigh* I really am my own worst enemy.        
True story.
     Hope everyone had a wonderful week!