Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fraying Around the Edges

I am frayed... or fraying.  Past tense would be great, but I think it's still happening, so fraying it is.  Have you ever felt like you're unraveling?  That's where I am.  I don't even have the words to truly sum up how scattered I am.  I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel but I've said it before... I hope that light is not a train.  I need a serious break, before I break.  Let me count the stress....

1) I have tons to do to wrap up my evaluation at work.  The paperwork is crazy.  This concept of "teacher accountability" being shown through Student Learning Objectives, rubrics, data collection, observations, formal lesson plans, etc. is crap.  I am way too OCD for this and I'm making myself nuts. 

But... it's all due Friday, May 13th.

2) The end of the school year is coming, which means more paperwork.  Class ranking sheet to place kids for next year, placement cards to complete, portfolios to sort through, final report cards, etc.  We don't end until June, but the deadlines are starting to pop up. 

First item due?  Friday, May 13th.

3) National Board Certification... this is a biggie.  I am close, yet so far.  Working through the last piece, which is a reflection.  All totaled, there are 7 sections.  Four are "done" and two still need to be edited.  Then there are miscellaneous components to complete.  Attestations forms, classroom layout drawings, evidence samples, and then the formatting to submit it all.  In addition to the work, the learning curve for some of the technology requirements has been huge.  I am tired and frayed is quickly becoming fried.

My goal?  It's due May 18th.  I am working to get it all together for Friday... May 13th. 

Why not?  That sounds like a great date!

4) Another biggie.  And the most important.  My family is in crisis.  My cousin has to have surgery on Tuesday.  Brain surgery.  The procedure will last for a minimum of 4 hours.  We are all trying to look at the positives.  This should alleviate her headaches, exhaustion, and the wide variety of symptoms she has had for a very long time.  But... the what "could" happen?  The possible wait-and-see negatives?  Scary stuff.  Send prayers. 

Four little nut shells.  That's the summation.  There are other (and many) satellite stressors floating around, ready to zap at me, but I am trying to ignore them or deal with them in small bits.  I want my "regular" life back.  Just keep swimming!

May 10th will be the fist hurdle of the upcoming week.  Once my cousin is on the other side of this and things start to go as planned with her, the rest is all the icing on the cake. 

May 13th is going to be a big deal around here... I see wine and a fancy restaurant in my future.