Friday, May 27, 2016

Hello from the Other Side...

I made it... linking up with Love Made My Home.  Happy Days!  I am DONE (or mostly done!).  These last few weeks have been horribly stressful and I am still crashing.  I think I have to focus on the positives... because I still have miles to go.  Here's the latest and greatest since my last post...

1) My Evaluation?  DONE.  I am still waiting on the final results, but my pieces are all entered, uploaded, and complete.  I am SURE the rest is just formality.  I can check that off the list.

2) End of the year paperwork?  Well... still a work in progress.  I am hoping for GREAT things this weekend.  Time.  I just need time.

3) National Board?  DONE and SUBMITTED.  YAY!! I won't hear whether I passed or not until the end of the year (which seems like an eternity!), but I have packed it all away now and will find a way to put it out of my mind until after Thanksgiving.  The relief that it is done is indescribable!

4) My Cousin?  Apparently, a person can have brain surgery and walk out of the hospital less than four days later to recover at home.  She is my hero... sheer will and determination are pulling that girl through.  A week after her surgery, she went to her daughter's kindergarten performance because she "had to be there".  Her kids are her world and she will let nothing stop her from doing what she needs to do to be there for them.  She has healing to do, but she is okay and getting stronger each day.  Sending thankful thoughts out into the universe :)
5) Me?  Crazy.  Still.  I went to yoga this week.  For the first time in a month.  Oh, how I needed it.  There is zen at the end of this wild ride... I can feel it.  Just a little. bit. longer.  Miles to go until I get there, but summer vacation is there, within reach.
Have a wonderful weekend!