Sunday, August 26, 2012


Ahhh...summer is "officially" over.  Tomorrow is "meet and greet" day (aka kumbaya day) for teachers, followed by Tuesday's professional development, then Wednesday is our first full day with kids.  This past Friday was k orientation.  What a bunch of cuties I have this year!  The teacher in me is looking forward to getting back into the classroom.

Here is one little area of my room ( thought I had more pictures to share, apparently not!)  This is a view from the window side of my room.  There is a mini math station in the corner, a job chart, behavior chart, word wall and my "desk".  Featured above the door to my closet are birthday "cupcakes" that I found here.  I didn't do them exactly the way it was suggested, but I think they are cute.  They will look even better when I can finally add the kids' names to them.
My daughter calls them birthday "muffins".
Tomorrow, I will try to get more pictures of my room... always so much to do :)