Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello!!  I am still here!!  I can't get over how much time has passed since my last post.  I was actually having post-related anxiety because I have not logged on for so long!  I guess this is the rant to break through the angst.  I feel like all I have done since school began is a.s.s.e.s.s.  My brain is reeling from SLO's (student learning objectives), SWAT (whatever that means), and mid-tri's (which go out Oct 25th)... along with piloting a math series and some new professional obligations...  Yikes!
     Today we had a professional development day.  I guess I can say I feel better.  My student learning objectives are all loaded onto the state website, waiting for my principal's approval.  That is a huge burden off my shoulders.  Thank Goodness!  Tomorrow I hope to finish my mid trimester grades so I can upload them this weekend and then, just maybe, I can begin to TEACH again!  I am hoping to post some "stuff" this weekend.  I have some cute things my kiddos have done over the past couple months that I would love to share.      
     That being said, things have not really rolled out the way I had anticipated this year.  We have had so much time off due to holidays, the election, and professional development that it has been hard to get into a routine.  (We have only had one full week since school started in August!)  With all that, combined with the new testing schedule we have, I have been STRESSED.  While I need to pull it together, it is probably not a good time to add more pressure.  I. am. doing. the. best. I. can.  (and, after all, November will be a crazy month, too).  After 20 years of teaching, you would think that things would get easier.  Apparently not! rant is over.  Time to move on....

 Looking on the bright side...tomorrow is Friday :)

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