Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's time - Really?

Today was the first day that I  was able to bribe my way get into school.  I hate my district's policy of not letting teachers in to their classrooms until five days before school begins!  School officially begins for teachers on August 27th, but kindergarten orientation is on the 24th (Next Friday?? How can that be??)  The custodians took pity on me when I explained that I just wanted to "drop some things off".  After spending about two and half hours there, I feel like I am over that initial back-to-school shock.  My furniture is set up (I hope!), my rugs are in place, and I have the paper/borders on my bulletin boards.  I did finally unload my car, but forgot the screwdriver I needed for my new storage shelves (bummer - but there is always tomorrow).  Tonight is a night of work.  I have labels, crayon cans, and Apple Bags to make; my September files need to be organized into my new "binder system"; and I would also love to get the next chapter of Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations read.
Ugh - and so it begins!

View from hallway door...
Getting there!