Friday, October 2, 2015

Finally Friday!

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It's hard to believe it's Friday, and OCTOBER, already!  I figure I should wrap up my week with a Five on Friday post.  There have been many things to smile about this week.  It's the little things that get me through!

1.  My husband and I go out for breakfast most Sunday mornings.  This week, this little gem was parked at the restaurant.  I LOVE antique cars.  They have such personality!

2.  All things domestic... I don't cook.  Pretty much ever.  That being said, the fall changes are making me crave some yummy, apple goodness. I like having a snack before going to bed and this hit the spot!  I may actually have to make more (I have to be careful here.  I don't want anyone in my family thinking this is going to become a habit!)
Apple Crisp... A Fall Necessity!
3.  Being the mom... Every once and a while I am forced to do things that really make me cringe.  Sewing is definitely one of those things.  I sew less than I cook.  This week, I had to do the grown up thing and hem Bubba's pants for his culinary class.  I am happy to say that the end result was successful!  The pant legs are the same length and they are neither too short, nor too long.  Yay, me (it's nothing short of a miracle!)
Not my forte!
4.  I love taking pictures, especially when trying to push the limits of my understanding of my fancy camera.  I love taking pictures of the moon, especially when something cool is going on "up there".  I am SO envious of the great shots people are putting up of the Lunar Eclipse that occurred Sunday night.  These two shots were a couple of my "best". 
Right before the eclipse started

Blood Moon

I worked hard for the Blood Moon picture.  It's definitely not as high quality as I would like, but it was not an easy shot to get.  There was much trial and error, but I am excited to have anything at all (most of the shots came out black, not a moon or star in sight!... very frustrating!)  

5. On the theme of "all things fall", I picked up some new scenty things from Bath and Body.  Mmmm, I love new fragrances!  I got a new "wallflower" too, because why not?  My new favorites of the moment are these:

The grapes are cute at night... it doubles as a night light :) 

So, I guess I made it through another week.  Looking forward to a busy weekend.  I'd like to get my house a little more in order.  We'll see.  Sometimes that's just a dream that never becomes a reality.  Have a happy weekend!