Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sparking Joy

Have you ever heard of Marie Kondo?  If you haven't and you are obsessed with interested in getting your life in order, check her out!  I tend to ebb and flow in the area of getting my life together.  Big project looming?  Yup, time to organize the closet.  Need to fall clean?  Well, that seems like a good time to organize the basement.  We'll just call it what it is... I am a procrastinator.  There should be a twelve step program for people like me. 

But, because I have some OCD tendencies, the thought of bringing organization into my semi-cluttered world seems like a dream.  Marie's video peaked my interest and I have almost talked myself into buying her book.  I AM organized and I am notoriously ruthless with my clothes.  I have a system in place when I switch clothes seasonally.  As I put clothes in the closet, I hang all the hangers backwards; if the hanger is still backwards at the end of a season change, I haven't worn it... out it goes.  I also mandate that if it is stained, pulled, frayed, worn looking, etc...  out it goes.

However, I do have some hang ups...  It was a gift.  I wore it once in a season.  There's nothing "wrong" with it.  This WAS a favorite, once upon a time.   I have not worn it, but it looks good on me and I MAY wear it in the future.  I also have a HUGE hang up about sizes.  Pants are tough.  I have a hard time finding them long enough.  So when I find them, I keep them.  For a long time.  Regardless of size.

This all brings me to today.  Today, I decided to switch over from my spring/summer clothes to my fall/winter wear, in spite of the fact that we will probably get a heat wave within the next couple weeks (because that always seems to happen!).  I just can't face skorts, flip flops, and short sleeve tees when it is 40-50 degrees in the morning.  It's just not happening.  And, since I DO have a big project to work on for work, I figured this was the perfect distraction. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I was not true to the Marie Kondo "way" of dealing with clothes.  I couldn't bring myself to pull out EVERYTHING I own and put it in a pile.  I'm not there.  I'm not going there.  The thought of that makes me twitch.  And I did not "thank" each item... At this point, each item should be thanking me.  However, I did employ her strategy of examining each item of clothing.  How do I feel about this item?  How does it make me feel?  Do I like it?  Do I LOVE it?  Is there joy?  It was fascinating.  I purged A LOT.  The guilt of who bought an item for me, or where it came from...  Gone.  The guilt of not being the perfect size or fit... Gone.  The guilt of releasing something from my life even though there was nothing "wrong" with it.... Gone.
Hopefully all this will bring joy to someone else!

It's like I gave myself permission to feel good about myself and the things I choose to wear.  I still have miles to go... this is where the follow through gets a little sketchy.  I need to apply these principals to my entire house.  It's not going to happen over night.  But I would like it to happen eventually.

Next in line.... Shoes... My closet is never going to be the same again.  Which is a good thing!