Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Friday!!

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What I'm Reading:
I NEVER give up on a book.  It's my thing.  Read it... love it or hate it.  Well, it use to be my thing.  I officially, reluctantly, sadly tossed in the towel this week on Demelza by Winston Graham.  I tried.  I REALLY tried.  But it was just a fail for me.  I LOVE the Poldark series that aired this past summer and I can't wait until season 2 to air.  I even resisted starting the books until after seeing the show because usually a book is better for me than any tv show or movie.  Not this time!!  So, I am moving on....

I just started The Girls of Mischief Bay and I am thoroughly enjoying it!!  It's not hurting my brain at all and the characters are easy to relate to.  It's nice to look forward to ending the day with a chapter or two.

What I'm Watching:
I am not a big tv fan, but there are times where something grabs my interest.  Last Christmas, my friend gave me the first season of Call the Midwife.  I was reluctant to watch it; it didn't really seem to be something I would enjoy.  I was so wrong!  What a great story line.  I have watched all of the first season and have moved on to other seasons (thank you Netflix!!)  I am going to be sad when I am all "caught up" and have to wait for the show to begin airing again in "real time".  If you are fan of Downton Abby, all things British, or shows that take place in a "simpler" (but not necessarily easier!) time, you should check it out :)

What I Tried This Week:
Okay... One more thing Pumpkin!  I had stopped at the store to pick up some wine (because, well, yeah.) and there was a bottle of this on the counter:
It just called out to me.  I couldn't help myself.  Best. Decision. This. Week.  When I asked about how it should be served, the guy at the store said to put it over ice.  When I brought it home, my husband suggested that I try it over ice cream.  Mmmmm.  So Good!  I would highly recommend it :)  

What I Need to Complete this Weekend:
SCHOOL WORK.  I am drowning in paper work.  Every day I have tried to pep talk myself into being a productive person after the regular school day is over and every day I have failed in that mission.  Once I straighten out my classroom and get ready for the next day, answer some emails, finish up odds and ends, and hit the road, it's usually 5:30-6:00 before I get home.  Then there's laundry... and dinner..  and dishes... and my own kid's stuff...  and... and... and.  Who wants to sit down and start working again at 9:00?  Not me.  I'm exhausted.  There is just SO MUCH to do.  I would be a happier, more relaxed person if I could just catch up.  *sigh*

What I'm Craving:
Some me time.  A break.  I need a break.  A GUILT FREE break.  Ah, if only.
Have a Happy Weekend, Everyone! 


  1. I am a great fan of Call the Midwife, both the books and the TV series. Hope you manage to catch up and manage some time for yourself. Take care.

  2. Pumpkin liqeuer, hum, sounds good. I've had Bailey's Irish Cream over ice cream so I'd probably like the pumpkin too.

  3. Nearly half term here, hope you get one too :-)

  4. I do empathise with you over the paperwork - the Best Beloved is a teacher and works 9pm-midnight every school night, but he's always had me to cook the dinner, clear up, do the laundry and see to the children. Keep your chin up - and enjoy Call the Midwife, I've seen every episode and I LOVE it. x

  5. Shame about the book, I am a ploughing on type too, so I can only imagine how bad it must have been. I do love Call the Midwife, it is fantastic isn't it, you do need to have tissues on hand though! The books are very good too! Hope that you get some time to relax over the weekend from all the work with your new liqueur! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  6. Have a great break... I also like to finish a book but if you can't get on with it it's better not to finish a book than not to read at all :) #fiveonfriday

  7. Ah...the guilt free break! Hard to do but so important! Love the thought of that pumpkin spice liqueur...I know what you mean about anting to stick it out with a book. There may be TWO in my life I didn't finish because I was being tortured. Just can't remember the titles.

  8. I'm sorry to hear that you're not able to catch up so to speak. I remember that feeling well from full time teaching. Hoping that the weekend gives you some respite

  9. I remember reading the Poldark novels in the early 70s when the first tv series was on and loving them then but I guess tastes change - I wonder if I would enjoy them now? I do hope you manage to find the time you need to catch up with work, my husband is a retired teacher so I understand all about the never ending paperwork and preparation:)

  10. Hi Deb, sorry about your book experience. That sometimes happens to me. I agree with the comments above; the pumpkin liquor sounds delicious! As to Call the Midwife, I have not had the pleasure to watch that series. Right now I'm watching Indian Summers (not as good as I thought it would be), and Home Fires (which I love). I hope you can rest a bit from your work and enjoy your weekend. My best to you, Pat xx

  11. Having read numerous blogs this week it sounds like a lot of people welcome the half term break. I do love Call the Midwife and a good read.

  12. Thanks for the book tip. I've been looking for something new.