Monday, August 3, 2015

The Pressure is On!

August "Bucket List" list of Poo2Do (because, let's face it... a Bucket List is, theoretically, a list of things one would WANT to do.  This?  This is a list of things that are keeping me awake at night!)

1. Finish the office walls (including the wainscoting!)
2. Get the office put back together... Clean it up, wash the windows, and put things back where they belong
3. Kitchen... wash cupboards and deep clean floor (involves scrubbing on hands and knees)
4. Get the dining room put back together (need to finish office first!)

1. Set up classroom
2. Apple Bags and Cubby Labels
3. Welcome Back packets
4. Plan Book
5. Grade Book
6. Curriculum Alignment
7. Book Bag
8. National Board

For ME/Personal Life
1. Spend time with niece
2. Beach Day
3. Make wedding guestbook (not for me...but I will enjoy doing it!)
4. Plan and host my parent's 49th Anniversary party
5. Get together with school friends (where did the summer go?)
6. Keep to an every other day running schedule
7. Read one more book!

There's not supposed to be a comma after August, but I laughed anyway!