Friday, August 28, 2015

Back to School

It's been a week of "back to school".  I went back on Wednesday.... Love these nails!
Welcome back!
I should really get back into a routine with my nail art... It makes me happy!  In a past life, I would do my nails every Sunday night.  I got out of that habit and every time I do a cute new thing, I wonder why I don't do it any more.

My back to school was pretty uneventful.  Yes, there was crying, some screaming, and a lot of "when is it snack time", "when are we going home", (days 1, 2, and in kindergarten!) but... Overall, it was a great start to the school year!  My kids are cutie pies and I am looking forward to getting them into a routine and helping them learn all the great things we learn in kindergarten :)

But the really big news around here is that we moved my Girlie into her dorm room this week.  I am generally not openly expressive.  I tuck it all away inside.  This new chapter?  Oh, it was hard.  Girlie doesn't know anyone at the college she is going to.  Leaving her there was not easy.  She's been "okay" these last couple weeks as she has said goodbye to the friends who have left for college before her.  There's been drama, not big drama, but bigger than we've had before.  My Girlie is not a drama queen, not by a long shot.  So, when her eyes filled with tears as we said goodbye.... Ugh,  it just about wrecked me. 

Puppy goes to college :)
That picture of the stuffed animal?  Well, that's "The Puppy".  Girlie's had him since she was born.  When she pulled him out of her bag and put him on the bed?  My husband, the big tough weenie, had to leave the room.   It was all kinda down hill from there.  So, we've said our goodbyes and had our moments and I even waited FIVE WHOLE HOURS to check in on her.  The first report has come in... "It is awesome."  

Oh, Yay!  I am so much better now. (ps... I am really not "that parent".  You know, the helicopter parent who hovers around, ready to land when needed.  That is so NOT me.  But this is different.  Part of my heart is now walking around without me near...  Yup, I'm just a little freaked out!)

One more back to school to go.  Bubba goes back Thursday.  "Just" 10th grade.  Thank goodness.  I think I've had all I can take for right now!