Friday, July 31, 2015

5 on Friday... It's Time

July 31st is the end of the summer.  Oh, I know the hot days will still come and that, "technically", I am still on vacation.  BUT... It's time to face the music and start thinking about what I want to wrap up at home and what needs to be done for school.  August 21st is the first day; I can get back into my classroom on August 12th.  That is soon.  Too soon. Oh, the painful reality of it all!

Five professional goals I have set to get me organized and back in the groove  (because, hey, I have to start somewhere!)...

1.  I actually did something school related this week.  I signed up for the annual Alphabet Exchange over at First Grade Found Me.  I LOVE this project and can't thank Chrissy enough for organizing it each year.  It's a fabulous way to kick off the new school year.  The kids just love it!
2.  National Board Certification... I am trying for re-certification this year.  It's overwhelming to look at all the paperwork.  It's overwhelming to think of the work that goes into what needs to be submitted.  It's overwhelming to just START.  I have not been neglectful in thinking about what I have to do, but I need to take the plunge and begin.
3.  Oh, the book bag?  The one I carried home six weeks ago and has sat beside my office chair patiently waiting for me to unpack it?  Yeah.  I should probably do that.

4.  Same with the pile of manuals and books under my desk.  Things need to be done with those.  I forget what things, but I'm sure I dragged them home for a reason.  

5.  Back to School packets.  I need to update and print a copy so I am ready to go when I have access to a copy machine.  I am hoping this is the least challenging thing on the list.   

So that's it.  A list of things that will carry me through the next few weeks.  There are more things to be done, but I should start with those.  I'm going to need some serious time management if I plan on accomplishing even half of what I have going on here.  It could be time for an August "bucket list"!