Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Wish and A Bet I *may* have over-wished this one....
For the last two years I have hung this in my classroom.  Everyone chuckles when they see it.  Tomorrow (IF we have school tomorrow!), I may have to take it down or risk being lynched.  Every year I wish for snow (not 20 inches of snow, but just "enough").  There is NOTHING better than a snow day.  An unexpected day off?  To do whatever?  Yes, please.  I LOVE them!  I'm ready to go back now, but the last TWO days have been great.  No regrets, not even in June (unless it's 100 degrees, then there will be crankiness!)  For now... Life is Good :)

Well, good.... except for the "bet".  I am a week into a DietBet and I am stressed.  I didn't expect to be stressed.  I thought it would be "fun" and motivating.  Yeah? No.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="240" height="350" alt="Weigh In Wednesday"/> </a>

Here's the run down so far... Last week's weigh in was GREAT.  For the second week in a row, I was down 2.8lbs.  I don't get it. I do the "same" things every week.  The exercise is the same, the food is basically the same, and so on.  Some weeks are better than others and I am okay with that.  2.8?  Great.  This week? Not so great.  Monday was weigh-in day.  This week I was UP 1.4 (Really? I sign up for a DietBet and I gain weight, doing the same thing I have successfully been doing for months?  WTH???)  But that isn't the only irk.  The woman who weighed me in on Monday?  Grrrrr.  She was not my usual weigh-in person.  Because of the snow, my regular lady was not there.  THIS woman was a rude cow.

Upon announcing my weight, she said...
Did you track?  You need to track, you know. (Uh, yeah. No kidding?)
Did you change your exercise?  Exercise is so important to losing weight. (No, well yes...I have actually increased my time on the dreadmill, but thanks for asking)
Did you stay within your points?  Although you have extra points every week, you need to use them carefully.  (YES, I have stayed within my points... now you are annoying me, Cow.)
Then she says (with a little eye roll and exasperation)... Well, you must have done SOMETHING to be up that much.

EXCUSE ME?  Um, wow!  I could have a total rant fest here, but it's not worth it.  I am bummed out and trying not to be discouraged.  I did come home and weigh in on my own scale... it shows that I am down .8lb from last Monday (and that was at night, fully dressed!), so again, I don't really get it.  Logically, I know the closer I get to my "goal", the more difficult it becomes to lose those few remaining pounds.  I've been here before.  I guess my frustration comes from feeling like I still don't know how this all really works.  I thought I had a good formula going.  The right balance of eating healthy and exercise.  I am hoping this week was just a weird fluke.  I am trying to let it go; it is what it is. (Right?)  Here's hoping for a more successful week!