Tuesday, January 6, 2015


5:15.... That's the new time I have been getting up in the morning.  You may not know this about me, but I don't like despise getting out of bed in the morning.  I am not a morning person and would prefer to rise when I am good and ready.  I'm kind of a big baby about it.  Every day goes like this...At 5:45, the alarm screams at me to get up.  I shuffle across the room to turn it off and stagger BACK TO BED (I know the point of having it across the room is to get me UP and moving in the the right direction, but I digress).  I then huddle in bed, thinking about getting up, being productive, facing the day with a smile.  It takes any where from 15-25 minutes to make me a believer.  Groaning, I finally haul my butt out of bed, only to panic because now, I am running late.

Sunday, I decided to change all that.  In conjunction with my pledge to do 2015 miles this year, I realized I need to get up and MOVE in the morning.  My activity level during the day is not always consistent and I often have commitments at night that cut into any time I may want to spend on the dreadmill.  So, for the past two mornings, I have set my alarm for 5:15 in order to get 2 miles/30 minutes done before I "start" my day. 

Before showering, before coffee, before my eyes have completely focused.... I am up (kinda...  I think I was actually sleep walking this morning!) 

So, what have I learned from the last 2 mornings?
1.  Getting up earlier has not killed me (much to my amazement!)
2.  The music I prefer in the wee hours of the morning is VASTLY different from what I prefer at night.  No Katy Perry, no Charli XCX, no Maroon 5.  That's all great and peppy for ending the day, when my brain has been at warp speed for hours.  My morning vibe needs to be much more mello as I ease into the day.  Think James Ingram, Boyz ll Men, and Diamond Rio. 
3. My foot has been GOOD.  It think exercising first, then the gentler pace of walking around/resting throughout the day, ending with the night splint stretching is a better routine.  Time will tell.
4.  I begrudgingly admitted today that I might actually prefer dreadmilling in the morning.  I feel accomplished before I even leave the house and the time seems to go quickly in the morning, probably because the time is defined and limited (and I am seriously half asleep for the first 10 minutes or so).
5.  I need to go to bed earlier at night!

What do you think....Morning or Night (or somewhere in between)?  What is your preference and have you ever tried to shake it up and do something different?