Friday, January 16, 2015

5 on Friday
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This has been a long week, but it's FINALLY FRIDAY!!.  To celebrate, I am hooking up with the gals who host 5 On Friday.....

1.  Sunday nights are now the BEST thing ever! :) Downton Abbey has returned for my viewing pleasure and I am able to curl up under a pile of fleece for a nice relaxing hour.  As I surveyed my domain on Sunday, I did kinda shake my head.  Flannel jammies? Check.  Fuzzy robe? Check.  Fleece blanket? Check. Tea? Cookie? Cross stitch project?  Check, check, check.  What has happened to me?  When did I become my grandmother?

It has been fabulous and I plan on doing it again this Sunday.

2.  This week's weigh in was good and I feel like I am back on the right track.  This is what I am trying to tell myself... 

3.  Fitness update:  5.5 miles a day is not always easy, but I've been pretty successful.  As of yesterday, I've moved and grooved away 84 miles...  84/170.5...  Half way through the month = approximately half way through the miles.  Keep on, keepin' on!

4.  I treated myself to new clothes this week :)  Happiness is a pair of jeans that fit and a new sweater to bundle up in.
Gotta love Old Navy!
5.  The most exciting thing about this week though... My daughter got ACCEPTED TO QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY!  YAY!  She is over the moon and I could not be prouder!!  

Hope you all had a great week!  Enjoy the weekend :)