Friday, July 10, 2015

Catching Up...

It's been too long (Again!) since I posted!  Ugh, no excuses!  The past couple of months have been BUSY ones (not an excuse, just a statement of truth)....  Without further ado, here's my life in a nutshell...

1.  Girlie graduated from High School!  I couldn't be a prouder momma!  She has done so well and has a bright future ahead of her :)  It's been an exciting time with ceremonies and parties.  It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that she is off to college in just a few short weeks.  What people say about time flying by is the truth.  Wasn't she a baby in my arms just yesterday??

2.  I'm on VACATION!  The school year came to a hectic close at the end of June and since then it's been a fest of day trips, eating out, and visiting with friends.  Just within this week, I have gone to the beach, been to Mystic Village to walk around the cool shops, had lunch with a friend and visited some local consignment shops.  Tonight I am meeting up with friends to try a new restaurant in town.  Life is good :)
Love having the time to actually look at what's going on around me!

3.  Every once in a while I try to squeeze in being a responsible adult.  My washing machine broke down on me last weekend and I've been playing catch up all week long.... Now, there are baskets of clean clothes everywhere.  I hate folding clothes!  The motivation behind piling it all up on the bed is... We have to sleep there...Folding must happen in order for us to go to bed.  Along with doing more loads to add to the pile... You are looking at my adult mission for today :)
4.  Shamefully, I have fallen off the fitness wagon.  I definitely started the downhill slide in May.  More time in the computer chair doing correcting, report cards, and other "end of the year" paperwork resulted in a struggle to meeting my set goals.  In June it just didn't happen.  School, family commitments, life in general... The goal of 5.5 miles a day became just a dream.  Now, in July, I have NO EXCUSES.  I've been LAZY and I need to get it back together.  Tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow.  For now, I am following this advice...
5.  Looking forward to a great weekend.  A family get together planned for tomorrow and then I leave on a jet plane for Washington, DC on Sunday for a work related conference (YAY!)  My family is starting to wonder if I am still living with them, but they will survive me being gone (I am only a taxi service anyway!) 

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