Friday, November 14, 2014

Fitness Friday Update

ALG Uninterrupted
Happy Friday!!  This post is a link up with Aubrey over at ALG, Uninterrupted.  I'd love to get my act together and post more frequently, but I am having issues with time management (I don't seem to have enough time to manage!)  Anywho...

What a quick week!  Monday is my official "weigh in" day and I lost a tiny little bit this week (8/10th of a pound).  I was a little disappointed because I am killing myself on the dreadmill.  I have kept up with getting 10,000 steps in (at least!) every day, so that means making sure I spend time with my frenemy every day.  I had really hoped that that dreadmill would help me out, but I seem to still be stuck (I am attributing the 8/10ths to wearing jeans to weigh in last week and having lighter pants on this week.  The scale has. not. moved. at. all.)  It's hard to be motivated when nothing seems to be happening :(

In looking at the positive...  I did have a NSV this week.  I finally had to retire my "official weigh in pants".  I have been wearing the same pants on Mondays to weigh in since I started this journey.  Two weeks ago, I was thinking they were getting a tad bit loose.  Being that I didn't wear them last week to weigh in, I didn't think too much of it until this Monday morning when I went to get dressed and there was no way I could wear them... they just looked silly (and I was concerned that one wrong move would send them crumpling to the floor!)  So, I dug into the back of my closet and I now have two pairs of pants the next size down that I can wear.  Yay!!  

Quick fitness update... As of last night, I have logged 57.2 out of 100 miles for this month so far!  I do love the challenge of it all.  It has definitely helped keep my activity level up and I feel like I'm on the right track (even though the scale isn't really cooperating right now!)

Goals for this week....
1) Keep on keeping on... Continue exercising on the dreadmill and logging those miles.  It has to be helping, right?
2) Mix it up a little in the food department.  It gets boring eating the same things over and over again.
3) Make good choices... More birthday parties = tough choices.  Stay strong!!
4) Keeping this in mind as we move into another week...