Friday, January 8, 2016

New Beginnings...

Happy New Year, Everyone!  It seems like New Year's Eve was so lonnnng ago.... and Christmas?  Just a memory.  It's been a crazy start to this year because... well, life.  I'm hooking up with Amy, over at Love Made My Home for my five on Friday.  This just about sums up life right now...

1.  Stressed:  I have *committed* to a Huge project regarding work.  I am taking the plunge and doing National Board certification (Theoretically.  I need to complete the application process).  I'm also being evaluated in a few weeks, so I am up to my eyeballs in paperwork.  Between those two major things and the added attraction of committee work, I may not be back here until April. *sigh*
 2.  Excited:  Downton Abbey is back!!  Yay!  It's bittersweet because it's the last season, but I was so glad to curl up with a nice mug of tea to watch the season premier on Sunday night.  It was like seeing old friends again.  Right now, Downton is literally the only show I watch.  I love having a scheduled "break" the night before I go back to work.  It's such a nice way to end the weekend :)
3.  Reflective:  I was checking out my 50 By 50 list to see if I even came CLOSE to the 15 things done resolution I made last year. Nope.  I guess that means I'm going to have try harder this year.  I'm taking it as a sign that I wasn't paying enough attention to the things I feel are important.  Some of those things are career goals (Not Many!), some are projects that have been kicking around for years and just need to be done, but most are things I WANT to do and I should be prioritizing.  Life should be about more than working.
4.  Interested:  In response to being reflective and stressed, I actually broadened my horizons a little this week.  My friend and I signed up for a Yoga class.  I really liked it... for a couple reasons.  It was great to live in the moment for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Just having to focus on one thing, without distraction or even the possibility of a distraction, for that amount of time was actually soothing.  It's hard for me to tune out life.  There is ALWAYS so much to do.  Even when I am working on something that should get done, my mind is spinning off, rolling down other paths to think about what I will do next.  It was great to just "be".  Secondly, it was challenging!  I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, physically fit.  I'm not gonna lie... I was hurting for a few days after.  There are apparently MANY muscles in my body that have not been utilized in a long time.  I loved feeling like I accomplished something positive.  I didn't expect to feel like I had "worked out".  We liked it so much, we are going again next week! :)
5.  Determined: This Monday was my first weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers.  UP 1.6?? Really?!  I was (mostly) good.  New Year's and an additional Christmas Celebration with a friend did me in (I think!).  I am slightly mentally ill when it comes to dieting.  When I am in the mode, I am a tad bit obsessive.  It takes over my life.  Did I stay within my points?  Did I get my steps in?  How can I do better tomorrow?  Can I exercise? Can I excersise more?  I typically weigh in Every. Single. Day.  I just can't; I don't have all that in me right now.  So, this time I am trying to convince myself that this is a lifestyle change.  While I am aiming for weight loss, I'd like to be able to take the tools I know work for me and make them a part of a routine that can sustain itself beyond the scale.  Does that make sense?  Monday is another weigh in day... wish me luck!

 Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. I always have grand ideas and plans but often get sidetracked. I am aiming for more focus. Yoga is something I've wanted to do. Walking is my favorite form of exercise but hard to do here when the weather is scorching hot. I made my lifestyle change 10 years ago and have stuck with it. Remembering that food is fuel for our bodies keeps me on track. And that real food is not packaged or processed. Good luck with your paperwork.

  2. I need to lose some weight but I refuse just to yo yo diet so my plan is to do a overhaul of my lifestyle and make permanent changes for healthier living.

  3. It sounds as though you have a lot going on right now, so taking some time out to watch Downton and do some yoga is probably a good idea. I have never done yoga, but I imagine that you do find many muscles that you never knew existed! Hope that your weight loss goes well and in a balanced way, I know how hard it is! Good luck with the certification, I am sure that it will be worth it even if it is a big thing. Let us know how you are doing! Thank you for joining Five On Friday this year! Happy weekend! xx

  4. It's a tough time of year that is for sure. I always want immediate responses to things, loosing weight, passing exams, wanting a project to be finished as soon as the initial excitement dies down. A reflective and thoughtful time of year. Don't beat yourself up about the list or the weight. You will do it x Good luck with the work project too