Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Monday!

I am celebrating tonight!!  By celebrating, I mean that I am sharing my success while doing a little happy dance :)  After a LONG month of ups and downs, I am grateful for two things....

1) The DietBet has come to an end (AND I was SUCCESSFUL!... I'm not sure what that really means, having never played along with a DietBet before, but I do know I at least get the money back that I paid to play).  It was causing me a little stress, so I'm glad that's over :)

2) I weighed in at Weight Watchers tonight (FINALLY...first time in WEEKS it hasn't snowed on a Monday) to find I reached my Goal Weight!  Yay!!  40lbs gone, hopefully to never be seen again.  One woman actually said that my story and success was motivating.  Aw shucks!  What a nice compliment! 

So, it's been a good day.  I hope everyone has had a Happy Monday, too!