Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Tattoo? YES!

       Yesterday, I finally did it!  The stars and moons aligned and AMAZINGLY it all worked out.  I got a TATTOO!!  I am so thrilled, I don't even have words :)  Here's the story... I have been kicking around the idea of a tattoo for a while.  Years, in fact.  I had a plan but it just never seemed to be the right time.  When Kerri died, I changed my mind about the design and talked about honoring her memory by getting a replica of the tattoo she had on her wrist.  For my birthday, my husband encouraged me to follow through with my plan with a poignant note about memories being worth more than material things (and he also provided the funds to make this happen...thanks, honey!).
       And so the journey began... Where did she have it done?  Could I find the artist?  Could  the design be replicated?  Should I have it placed in the same spot?  Would I actually go through with it???       
       After some bumps in the road, things just fell into place.  Months ago, I had casually mentioned my plan to a friend of Kerri's and she thought she remembered the place Kerri had had it done.  Thankful to have a place to at least start, I checked out the tattoo artist (Glenn) online, looking at samples of his work and it just looked "right".  The style was a fit and I nervously made the decision to have him do the work, even if he was not the original artist.  My cousin, Katie, and I went off to the tattoo parlor with the hope and a prayer that we had the right one.  Well, not only was it the right place.... Glenn had a record of when Kerri had been there (3 years ago!!) and a copy of the exact stencil he had used for her tattoo.  To say I was excited (and relieved!) is an understatement.  I wanted to do a little happy dance right there in the tattoo parlor!!  I'll say it again... I AM THRILLED.  I think it's beautiful and while it was a bittersweet day, it was so worth it.                  

Love the "Old School"/Retro look :)

So...How about you?  Do you have a tattoo?  Does it have a special meaning?