Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13 - Meet the Teacher

I thought I would play along with this...although I am not so sure what this week will bring.  I'm not back at school yet and can't get into my room until next Monday (kindergarten orientation is next Friday...EEK!).  Maybe this will inspire me to actually get something done.  It's been a lazy summer as far as getting myself ready for back to school!  Anyhoo...
Hmmm....where to begin?  Let's start with...
1)  I always have good intentions.  I love to try new things, but "sometimes" my follow through isn't what it should be!  The various unfinished projects laying around my house (and this blog) are a testament to this "problem".

2)  I LOVE scary movies.  I love the suspense, the build up, the YIKES! of a good movie.

3)  I am a wife and a mom.  I have been with my hubby for 27 years, married for 18.  We have two great kids who keep us on our toes.  A girl (16) and a boy (13)...they are as different as night and day!

4)  I have been teaching kindergarten for 21 years.  I LOVE my job.  With approximately 700 kids, my school is the largest in the district.  We have yet to come out of the dark ages...we still have half day kindergarten, so my day consists of two half day sessions.

5)  I am OBSESSED with nail polish.  During the school year, I do my nails every Sunday night.  The kids get a kick out of seeing my nails every week and by the middle of the school year they are making special requests.

6)  Reading is another passion.  I will read just about anything.  My "secret" shame is Victorian era romance novels, the sappier the better!

7)  I would love to run a 5k.  Why?  I don't know.  It just sounds like a great thing to do.  

8)  I love the taste of coffee.  I can't drink caffeinated anything without getting all buzzy and wired, so I try to stick to decaf.  It doesn't matter what it is... candy, icecream, or beverage... I love it all!

9)  I am not a "cutesy" kind of girl, but I might have a "slight" infatuation with Hello Kitty.

10)  I love facebook, surfing the web, scrolling through pinterest, and checking out blogs.  It is AMAZING what is out there.  My other "secret" shame is Candy Crush.  It's just not right how many hours I will never get back because of that game.