Friday, August 16, 2013

Sad Tale of Woe - Why is it, exactly, that I'm doing this?

C25K...lately?  Not so much.  I tried....and now I've hurt myself.  About a week and a half ago I was making yet another attempt at successfully completing Week 4, Day 1 and I noticed a slight pain in my ankle.  Well, that "slight" pain has turned chronic and has led to days where I am literally hopping around because the pain and swelling are intense.  Yes, I have been to the doctors and yes, I have had x-rays.  There was a prediction of a stress fracture, but (thankfully) that is not the case.  Anti inflammatory drugs have been prescribed, along with elevation, and ice three times a day.  If these things don't work...well, I guess it's off to a specialist.  Feeling frustrated, but hopeful that this will go away soon so I can go back to torturing myself!  This sums it up for me right now... 

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