Monday, July 30, 2012

Home Again, Home Again...

Looking out the hotel window
It's nice to be home again.  I know I was only gone for five days, but I am glad to be back in my own space.  This was the second time I had the opportunity to go to an AFT convention and I have to say: going rejuvenates me.  I don't talk much about my roll in my district's union.  I don't enjoy the inevitable political comments, judgements, and debates that usually come once people learn that I play an active roll in unionism.  Don't get me wrong, it's a roll I love to hate, that's why I do it but the last few years have been tough with the political and economic climate.  That being said, it was great to be part of a celebration of solidarity, in a place where unionism is valued, applauded, and a cornerstone of daily life.  Detroit lives unionism - out loud - with pride.  It was inspiring to be in a convention hall with thousands of people who are excited about education, who are passionate about the work that we do, and who believe in the power of having a voice.  Refreshed and re-energized, it's good to be home :)