Friday, November 6, 2015

A Little of This and That...
Yay!  It's Friday!!  I could have skipped out of work today, for the sheer joy of it!  I am now home, relaxing, with a nice glass of pumpkin spice liquor.  The day has been drizzly and gray but I am so glad to be looking forward to two days of nothingness. (It doesn't mean I am going to do nothing, but it does mean I have a choice about WHAT I am going to do.  That just makes me happy inside.)  Without further ado... my Five Things Friday is just a compilation of my week...

1.  Last weekend, when I was out and about with a friend and I saw this adorable sight...
Back in the day, in another life that is far away, I would have TOTALLY rocked this.  My daughter says it's ridiculous.  I disagree.  If I wasn't sending all my money to college to pay for her education, I would consider getting those "ridiculous" eyelashes for my car, because I'm THAT mom.  

2.  If you've popped by my blog, even one time, you may have noticed that I like to eat (and drink).  This amazing pie was made by my own Bubba :)  He is in the vocational/culinary program at his high school and he brought this home for me us.  The boy has skills.
Apple pie with a little vanilla ice cream on the side?  Yum!
3. I am really not that girl.... You know, the one who has the Christmas cards signed, stamped and ready to mail weeks before the big day?  But this year... I have to confess, I have started shopping... 
"before" Halloween.

It wasn't much before Halloween, it was technically Halloween Day (Halloween isn't until night, right?)  My friend talked me into it and she wants to go AGAIN, tomorrow.  I just don't know if I can.  I like denial.  It's a great place to be.  I'm not ready. 

4.  My daughter suggested a new show that she is addicted to.  Have you heard of it?
I'm watching.  I'm not sure how much I love it, but it's enough to keep me entertained.  If you've seen it, I'd love to hear what you think.

5. Lastly... I'd love to do better in this area of my life.  There just seems to be too many of "them" and not enough of me.  My husband and son just don't care, at all.  They leave their stuff everywhere and, if I am being honest, I am not the tidiest person either.  I work hard to fit it in during the week, but alas, there is just so much that needs to be done.  While there is no official "plan" for the weekend, the struggle is real and I will continue to try to make it better.
Story of my life.
Have a great weekend, everyone! :)