Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wrap Up (LATE)

I had some internet connection issues this weekend, so I didn't get to post on Sunday ( is great when it works!)  So the days went by and here it is Wednesday, already!!  I'm going to combine a "few" things into this post and call November done!

1.  100 Mile Challenge... I did it!! I am SO pleased that I accepted this challenge!  I am actually challenging myself to another 100 for the month of December.  My total for the month was 133 miles.  YAY!!  I was nervous when I started, but as the days went by, I was amazed at how the miles added up.  So why "only" 100 for this month, instead of going for more?  Well...a couple things.  I was a little too enthusiastic and ended up really aggravating the bone spur in my foot.  Not a fun time and I need to take it "easy" so it will hopefully calm down and go back to its previously pain-free self.  Secondly, the reality is that as Christmas gets closer, my time to get on the dreadmill gets shorter.  As much as I'd like to say I'm going to put that first, let's be honest here... It's not gonna happen.

2.  Weigh-In Wednesday... I actually weighed in Monday, but what's a couple of extra days?  I was THRILLED to find I had lost weight this week.  My loss for the month of November was 7.6 pounds.  I'll take it!  I am 2/10th's of a pound away from a total loss of 25 pounds since September.  Approximately 16 more pounds to go to get to "Goal".  Another Big YAY!

3.  So, what's up for the month of December?  Well, since I liked the 100 mile challenge so much, I decided to go for another one.  Bring on the Squat Challenge.  I am not so confident I am going to rise to the occasion with this one.  Day 3... 40 Squats (total) done (still haven't done the 30 needed for today!) and my legs?  Well, let's just say my legs, up until 2 days ago, were living in delightful ignorance to the fact they are pitifully out of shape.  Today, they are not so delighted.  The reality is harsh, my friends.  Squats are no fun.

What about you?  Any goals you are thinking about for the month ahead?