Monday, September 1, 2014

Checking in...

The last few weeks have been a blur.  I kept thinking that I *should* sit down and blog, but it just didn't happen!  So, what's up?

Well, the busyness of the school year is upon us.  Back to school for Girlie, Bubba, and me.  Setting up my classroom, getting through the first week, helping Bubba finish up his summer packets, figuring out this whole college application process with Girlie... the list just goes on and on.  One moment of panic I have recently had is over the realization that I am going to have my picture taken with Girlie at Senior Night at the end of volleyball season.  Yikes!  I avoid pictures like the plague.  Not. A. Fan. At. All.  I guess it's time to get serious.  I am never going to be happy with my weight, but I could be a whole lot happier than I am right now.

I THINK I have about ten weeks until the season ends.  I am challenging myself to lose a pound a week, for the next ten weeks.  If I lose more, that would be FABULOUS.  But we'll start with baby steps, after all...I've been talking about losing weight forever now and have had many "restarts", yet I am STILL in the same exact place I was in June (at least...without thinking about it too hard.  It's probably been a lot longer than that!).  No one to blame but myself, moving on.  I am returning to Weigh in Wednesday as a way of "owning it".  Let's see if it can happen... 

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One by Wednesday.  That's all, just one.  Baby steps!!