Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just Keep Running

Well, this is the last night of spring vacation and boy do I have "poo to do".  All those good intentions that I had when vacation loomed ahead of me have obviously not come to fruition.  So, now it is time to pay the piper.  Before I stop procrastinating, I want to get some thoughts down.

As I contemplate what I want to blog about, I think, in my head anyway, I want my posts to be about challenges.  I want to be more organized, more on the ball, and less stressed.  I need a way to get my act together that will help me, help myself.  I've been thinking about goals (what they are, how they should be set, and where, ultimately, I would like to be).  The tabs I set up (personal, professional, and playful) represent areas of my life that need work.  I am tired of just getting by and being a hamster on a wheel.  There is always "stuff" to be done, how I handle that stuff is where the mixed bag of crazy comes in!    Hmmm...more thinking to do.  Tomorrow, there may be a plan.  Until then...I'm climbing back on the wheel!

* Took out the tabs - way too much to do.  I'll be lucky if I can post on one topic, never mind maintain 3!